Jewel Of The Arts Online Slot Review & Guide for Players

Jewel Of The Arts slot features twenty paylines to go along with its five reels. This game has a cartoon style that takes cues from Japanese culture. There are many colours present in this slot that reinforce this theme and help to take the player to the Far East in a time long gone where great samurai warriors and beautiful geisha girls were a part of everyday life.

There also elements of Japanese anime in the art style of this slot, and the characters are drawn in a sort of exaggerated style that still manages to capture the correct tone for this slot. The colour scheme helps to reinforce the Far East theme.

The background of this slot is bursting with colour. There are a myriad of different pinks and purples that seamlessly meld together with tree branches to create a serene atmosphere for the player. The player will also notice beautiful pink cherry blossoms growing off of branches in the top right and bottom right corner of the slot.

These trees are a cultural identifier for Japan. At the top of the reels the player can see the name of the slot written in a blue, pink and yellow gradient. To the left and the right of the slot there are multicoloured markers that show the player where the various paylines are located. They cover all of the colours of the rainbow in a soft gradient.

At the bottom of the slot, the player is given information and betting options to choose from. The player can adjust their lines and line bet via two blue arrows on either side of each button respectively.

They are also shown their total bet, total win, player balance and given the options to either spin the reels manually by hitting the spin button or letting the reels spin automatically by hitting the auto spin button.

Jewel Of The Arts Bonus Features

Bonus features in this slot include the fan dance bonus as well as the fan dance multiplier. The fan dance bonus offers the player free spins when they manage to land at least three of the fan symbols on the three centre reels.

During this bonus, the first spin will have the second reel wild, the second spin will have the second and third reels wild, and the third spin will have all three of the centre reels wild.

The fan dance multiplier occurs when the player lands two fan symbols on any of the three centre reels. This gives the player two times their stake total for that spin, so the stakes are pretty high, much like they are in a game of online blackjack these days.

Jewel Of The Arts Slot Symbols

Symbols that are displayed in this slot follow along with the Far East theme. They are a mix of traditional card denominations written in a Japanese calligraphy font and various characters and pieces of Japanese culture.

The card denominations include a teal king, a purple queen, a green jack and red ace. The characters presented in this slot include a fierce samurai in full armour, an ornately dressed geisha, and a scholar and. The objects presented in this slot include a fan and a paper crane.

Jewel Of The Arts Online Slot Review & Guide for Players