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General Cane Corso Questions
Hello - I just purchased a Corso puppy 3 weeks ago and she is almost 11 weeks old now. I have scheduled an appt. with a well-known vet in my area to get her ears cropped. After the consultation this afternoon, he has me a little worried as to whether or not the ears will stand up after the surgery. Have you ever had any experience with any of your dogs not being able to get the ears to stand up? Is it any easy fix? Or is there anything you can really do besides keep the ears taped up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Hi, Has this vet done any corso crops before? There is generally not any taping needed. Sometimes the ears will take a few days, and up to a month to stand, especially during teething as calcium is going to teeth growing at this time. Do not worry. If it happens that they do not stand then you can tape them, it is not a difficult or complicated process. Your vet should be able to help you with this. If you have more concerns please feel free to write back again, best of luck!
If a dog has HDA-1 hips, what does that mean?
It means they are hip dysplasia free and A is excellent, her
I rescued a cane corso from the township pound. Her papers said she was corso. Everyone that sees her says she is part pit-bull. The pictures I have seen on the internet look like her. How can I tell? She is Brindle with the exact white spot on her neck like the pictures on the internet.
Hi, First off, let me commend you for saving the life of a bully breed dog, whether she is pure bred or not. If her papers say she is, then she probably is a corso. People that do not know the breed often mistake them for other breeds. I cannot tell you how often I hear, "is that a giant pit?" "wow! that's the biggest boxer I have ever seen!" "what breeds is that a mix of?" and so on. Do you love your dog? Is she wonderful? Does it matter? Then just politely let people know that, yes she is a purebred Cane Corso, and she is the best one that ever lived!! And have a great life together.

I would like to know what colors are most desirable in the breed. What color don't you want to see in a litter? Thanks!!!
Hi, thanks for that good question. I copied this directly from the standard. As long as a dog's color is within the standard for breeding purposes, color can be as simple as personal preference. I am quite sure there are many wonderful Corsos out there who may not exactly fit the standard, but whose owners just wanted a good pet and got it in this breed.

Acceptable colors are black, lighter and darker shades of gray, lighter and darker shades of fawn, and red. Brindling is allowed on all of these colors. Solid fawn and red, including lighter and darker shades have a black or gray mask; it does not go beyond the eyes. There may be a white patch on the chest, throat, chin, backs of the pasterns, and on the toes. Disqualification: Any color with marking pattern as seen in black and tan breeds.

How many years do Corsos on average live?
Good question, thanks. Corsos generally live 9-12 years, and often longer because of the excellent veterinary care that is available to our animals these days. We personally own a female that is 9 1/2 yrs. and still runs with the best of them. Alot of fun and love can get packed into those years, so get busy and enjoy your Corso!!

How is the name correctly pronounced? Cane as in Candy Cane?
That is a good question, as the name is often pronounced wrong. The word cane, pronounced "kah-nay", is the italian word for dog. Corso is believed to mean "guardian of the courtyard". The Cane Corso has a very long and interesting background with a very rich history, please read more about them at, go to the breed history link.

Would you compare the Presa Canario vs the Cane Corso as a family dog, I have two 8 year old girls.
Hi, I have never owned a Presa Canario and have very limited experience with them. So I cannot compare the two, sorry. What I can tell you is that Cane Corsos are excellent family dogs, and very good with children. But always remember, any breed of dog must be taught to be gentle with children and well socialized to them. They need to know that the children are not their peers and cannot be bullied. The children must also be taught to be "dog wise" and respectful of any dog. I wish you the best of luck in choosing the right dog for your family!

Raising a Cane Corso

My corso has submisive urination. He is 8 months old, I bought him for protection of our house, he has been socialized and I never hit him. Will he ever snap out of it?
Hi, this is very common in pups and can often go on for up to a year. First thing I would do is make sure it is not a physical problem. Have you spoken to your vet about this? There are a few things you can try. Ask people who are approaching your dog to do it in a very calm manner. We often approach dogs with a very excited happy voice and manner and this heightens the excitement level and can cause the submissive urination. You can also have people let the dog say hi first, instead of them approaching him. As your pup meets people, reward for calmness. Teach him to sit quietly for petting, if he bellies up, or shows submissiveness, just ignore it, no petting. Praise him lightly(don't get him too excited) for being a little more outgoing. Don't get frustrated with him, he should out grow it. Best of luck!!

Till what age will a corso grow? My 18 months old is about 90lb. I moderately excercised her. When should I start more workout?
Hi, Many Corsos will continue to fill out until the age of three and beyond. Females tend to mature a little sooner. It is probably safe to begin stepping up her workouts , but as with any type exersize you will want to work up to it gradually. Remember that she cannot tell you what is uncomfortable and may hurt herself performing to please you. Have fun with your girl.

My cane corso is 4 months old, we've had him for 1 month. All of a sudden today he started growling at us and nipping. We put him to the ground on his stomach because he is too big to put on his back already. If we put our hands on his neck he freaks out, but he will listen if we tell him to stay. When he calms down we let him walk away and shake it off like nothing happened. We can't tell if he is playing or has true aggression. Any advise for our grunter turned growler?
Hi, It sounds like you may have a problem brewing with your dog. My advice to you is to find a professional trainer/behaviorist in your area and get some help. Your dog needs guidance and training to learn which behaviors are appropriate and which are not. Please get some help, and please post us back to let us know how things are going. Thanks for being a caring owner.

Our 2 year Cane Corso, Lord Kratos, (neutered) is getting jealous of our 1 year old Cane Corso, Lord Heides, which is not neutered. What do you think the cause of this is? Within the last couple of weeks the older one that is neutered starts fighting with the younger one when ever he getts close to me or my 18 yr old son. What do you think the reason is? They have gotten along great up until just recently.
Hi, I am sorry to hear this. It is difficult to assess a situation like this from an email. My guess is that the older dog is feeling threatened by the maturity of the younger dog and feels the need to keep him in his place. My suggestion to you is to find a behaviorist in your area and get some training help from an experienced person. Best of luck to you.

Is is OK to leave my Cane Corso alone in the yard for a long period of time?
Hi, Is your yard fenced in? If not, no. If it is, then I would consider a couple of other things...What is your dog's age? Puppies should never be left unattended for long. How's the weather? Dogs can get into some pretty troublesome predicaments, even when we feel that things are safe. I feel that it would be ok to leave your Corso out alone while there is someone around to check on him periodically. Make sure you leave out plenty of safe, strong toys for him to play with. The Cane Corso is a powerful dog and if left to their own devices will chew, dig and destroy for fun. This can be dangerous to the dog and destructive to your yard and home. If he is completely alone without any supervision, I'd put him in a kennel, or crate for his safety. Spending time out there with your dog is the best for both of you, play is a critical bonding/training time for you and your pooch. Please do not chain, or tie your dog out, this is not a safe way to let your dog out! It can also cause aggression in many cases. Walks with your dog are a lovely way of exersizing, training and bonding also, even if you do have a fenced in yard. I hope I have answered your question and that you will have a long, happy life with your canine buddy!!!

About how cold of weather conditions can Cane Corsos stay outside in?
Hi, This is a good question. Corsos are a very hardy dog, with a dense muscle mass, which makes them able to keep up their body temperature in lower temperatures. However, proper shelter is very important. Shelter from moisture and wind are very important, a wet dog cannot keep warm. A good shelter would include some type of block from wind, a properly insulated doghouse, with plenty of dry, clean bedding, food, daily fresh water, and a potty and exersize area that is suitable to the size of the dog. With these provisions and lots of love your Cane Corso should do well in the cold weather. Please use common sense also, if you live in an area that becomes far sub-zero, some sort of heat should be provided in addition to shelter. Thanks for the great question and the reminder that Ol' man winter is on his way!! :) Brrr!

What are some good treats for training my new cane corso puppy?, Her name is Mona Pearl
HI, Congratulations on your new Cane Corso puppy. I would recommend that you keep your treats pretty simple. I like to use small pieces of hotdogs (low sodium), or boiled chicken for training. You could even reserve a little of their dinner kibble for a treat. There are lots of good all natural treats you can buy, keep in mind, too many treats for a puppy is sort of like giving your child too much candy. I'd keep them for special times when she has earned them. I hope you have a long happy life with your new girl!!

I have a 8 month old Cane Corso that is having problems with his back legs. He seems to drag them, and the give out on him when he walks, plays and runs. He doesn't seem to be in any pain and is still happy as ever,but i just wanted to know what is happening. He has a vet appoinment of corse but waiting is killing me. please help thanks
Hi, I am really hoping that your vet appointment is soon. It could be nothing (hopefully) but that is certainly something I would have checked out. I would also call the breeder of your Cane Corso to find out if anything like this has happened in their lines before. If not, they will certainly want to make note of it. Please keep us posted here on the board, good luck with your baby!!

Hi, First, I am glad you took him to the vet. Secondly, I would give this dog's foot more than one day to rest. It is difficult to get a pup to be still, but it may just need time. Are you able to crate the dog a for a little while at different times? Limit his play? Especially with other dogs. Even a bruise can be very painful and take a couple of days to go away. If the problem continues to persist, maybe you should get a second opinion. Good luck to you and your puppy.

Does the cane corse suffer with any joint or hip problem?
Hi, Very good question, yes, Corsos can suffer from this joint disease. Hip dysplasia can occur in almost all breeds according to research statistics. It is most common in the larger breeds of dogs however. That is why it is important to purchase a dog from a reputable breeder who is health testing their breeding stock. Although not 100%, having the parents of litters declared clear of any hip problems is an important step to having a healthy, sound animal. Also if the dog is being purchased from a reputable kennel, there is often some sort of health guarantee. The good news is, as medical science, veterinary care, nutritional knowledge, and other health related matters get better and better, it becomes more preventable.

Breeding a Cane Corso

Hello. I have a very nice Cane Corso show bitch that i am wanting to breed. Breeding is new to me, and the concern i have is, i am wanting to keep a pup for myself, but concerned on how to pick pups out at such a young age. Thanking you.
Hi, being able to pick a nice Cane Corso pup involves a few things. I would first study the standard for the Cane Corso breed. Know what you are looking for. I would try to find an experienced person who is familiar with the breed and ask for their help if this is possible. I would look online and in books for puppy evaluation information. A good time to evaluate a Cane Corso puppy is between 6 and 8 weeks. All this being said, you are still taking a bit of a gamble, but at least it will be an educated one. Best of luck to you!!

I have a female Cane Corso and want to start breeding. I was wondering what is the best age to start breeding?
Hi, Thanks for being a responsible owner and asking. The CCAA club rules state that a bitch under 18 months of age shall not be bred. A good rule of thumb is third heat or at least 18 months, in most cases these two matters usually coincide anyway. Another matter to consider is taking a good look at your dog and being very honest about strengths and weaknesses in your dog. Does she fit the standard? Does she have any glaring faults? How about health and temperament? Have her hips been checked? If she fits all the criteria, the next step is to look for a suitable male that will compliment her and better the breed. Look for a responsible stud dog owner, not just someone with a boy dog. After all is said and done, it is a lot of work, time, expense and effort. But worth it when done right. I wish you a happy, healthy litter of pups!

Training a Cane Corso

I rescued a Cane Corso pup a few months ago, he is 5 mths now and because of the horrible situation he was in before we got him, is chewing everything thing in sight as soon as we leave for work during the day, I have tried crating him and it doesn\'t work he still escapes, is there anything I can do to correct this? Thank you in advance
Hi, I am glad you gave him a home and are willing to give him a chance, bless you. There are steps to this, and it is not the easiest issue to deal with. First, I'd crate him when you are home for short periods. This tells him it's ok to be in the crate and alleviates some of the stress. Use some sort of toy that has a hollow middle, so that yummy things like peanut butter or cheez whiz can be put in there to keep the attention on the toy. This will also encourage the chewing of the toy instead of other things. As the pup learns to self satisfy in the crate , leave him in there for longer periods. Go outside for a little while then come back and praise for calm behavior. Keep working this a little at a time. Second, is there maybe someone who could check on your pup during the day while you are at work? Maybe however long he is being left is just too long for him right now. What type of crate are you using? Is there a way to secure it better? Is there an area you could put him in where he can't hurt himself or anything else? Is he getting plenty of exersize when you are home, so that when you leave he is good and tired? Lots of socialization and good solid obedience training will also help to build confidence in your pup and will in turn help him to be more comfortable on his own. I would also encourage you to find a good trainer that has a positive training philosophy and enlist their help as well. Your pup is young that is in your favor, so best of luck to you!!!
Hello -
I read your article on socialization of the cane corso puppies. It was good and informative.
However, I have a question. We have a puppy who is 11 weeks old, we have been walking him regularly and he goes to puppy kindergarten I noticed last week he started barking at some of the others dogs. This week he barked very aggressively at all the dogs and people . It was hard to get him to stop. Then when we went for our walk I noticed he did the same thing as people passed by how can I get him social if he keeps doing that? Should I just continue what I'm doing with the corrections and he will learn as he gets older? Any suggestions? I'm telling him "No" and pulling at his choke collar eventually he settles down but it takes some time.
Thanks for your time.
Hi, There is a period of adjustment, and it is usually longer than we like :) It will probably be a couple of weeks for her to be completely comfortable. You have only had her a few days. When you take her out, if she has been in her crate sleeping( I suggest crate training) just pick her right up and straight out, don't even let her feet on the floor. Then make a big deal of what a good girl she is. If she does have an accident in the house, be patient and don't make a big deal out of it. Be very concious of her body language that tells you when she needs to go out. All dogs give signals of some kind, but some are subtle. Watch for sniffing, turning in circles, going to the door area or whatever she may do before she goes. If you can, just gently pick her up with no fanfare and take her out. If she has been playing for awhile, just take her outside every so often. Try using a food or toy to coax her outside . Make it fun to go out and potty, cause there is good stuff awaiting her afterwards. If she is a little timid and you get at all excited about things, she will most likely do a submissive pee. If she is a submissive pee-er, don't get mad about it, she will outgrow it. Getting impatient will make it worse. As far as her being shy, I would get her in some puppy classes , or at least start taking her places and letting her have lots of socialization. A little at a time at first, and then more as time goes on. Socialization is critical for a young dog. She needs to meet people , kids, dogs, etc., and be exposed to lots of sounds and sights for her mental health. I wish you a long and happy relationship with your new girl!!!

Hi, we bought a 13 week old female cane corso on 2-14. She is a sweet dog, however, she is very submissive and timid at times. She had been living with her brother and another 18 mo old female. When we met her she seemed very sociable, energetic and sweet. We have only had her for a few days and I know that there is going to be a period of adjustment. My concern is that it is VERY difficult to get her outside to go potty, she ends up peeing on the carpet before I can coax her out Please help!
Ooops, wrong. No correction for this behavior at this point. You need to redirect the attention with a positive behavior. What a harsh correction is doing is increasing the aggressive behavior, because as the pup looks at the thing that is bothering it, and gets in trouble for this, the pup is becoming frustrated at angry with the object of it's attention.

You need to teach your pup to look at you and recieve a reward for this attention on you. You may teach a "sit" and "watch me" when a dog, or person walks by. Reward the pup for not reacting or any friendly behavior only. If barking occurs, say uh-oh and walk away. Return and try again. Not so close next time. You can also have people walk by and drop treats, with no interaction. After there is no reaction try letting them approach with goods in hand. If pup is behaved a reward is given, if pup reacts, uh-oh!! and go away, no interaction and no reward. This is a baby you are teaching him how to deal with the world. Teach him that people are good. Do not be afraid of removing his protective instinct, it is in him. You need him to be stable and react properly to a friendly stranger or animal that is no threat.

Can i personaly train my cane corso, and where can i purchase the right lititure and merchandise for this task?
Hi, Very good question! You can train your dog yourself, and you should. Your bond of love and respect will be greater, and you can learn about your dog while your dog learns about you. With that said, young dogs need lots of socialization. If you have never trained a dog before and do not know how, I'd suggest you find a fun, positive puppy/dog training school in your area and attend with your dog. There are so many books on the subject of how to train your dog, that it can be very overwhelming. Ask some of your friends if they have read any good books on the subject. All you really need for training is a collar and a comfy leash(I prefer leather) a good, patient attitude and some yummy treats, or very interesting toys. Be firm, fair and consistent. Never forget that training is for life, so get involved with your dog and have a great time! Wishing you the very best!!

Rescuing a Cane Corso

I need to know if is wise to adopt a 2 year old CC, I have a 5 year child and a 7 year old dog. What do you recommended?
Thank you for being willing to give a home to an adult dog!! Is there a way that you can meet this dog before making a decision? As with any breed, some dogs will mesh well, some need a little time, and some just don't. Has this dog been around children? Has it been introduced to other strange dogs? Do you know if it has been well socialized? Sometimes the sex of the dogs will matter, often male/female combos are best. I would introduce the dogs at first on neutral ground, not in anybody's home territory. I would also let dog and child meet the new dog separately at first. Introduce them in a quiet area where there is little distraction and little stress. Go slowly. If all goes well and you do take the dog home, still continue to keep an eye on things, your dog might not be too keen on the new fella'. Make sure all are getting plenty of exersize and attention. Allow your older dog his status, pet him first, give him treats first, etc... that way you don't cause him to feel outed and become possessive of things he feels are his., if you go to this link on the Humane Society website there are good tips for introducing a new dog. I would also have your child tell the dog to sit for a treat, and let the dog know that your child is above him in pack order, but is a giver of good things. A young child should never be left alone with a dog. But as long as you teach your child to respect animals, and animals to respect children , all should go well. I hope that you will write back and let us know how things are going at some point. I also hope that if this dog does not work out, you will consider another dog, there are so many that need homes!! Good Luck!!!!

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